What Is Your Company's Human Cyber Risk Score?

What Is Your Company's Human Cyber Risk Score?

What Is Your Company's Human Cyber Risk Score?

Posted: 24/05/2022

You're probably thinking what is a human cyber risk score? It demonstrates how long it would take for your organisation to be breached by a cyber criminal. According to IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index Report, 95% of cyber security breaches are primarily caused by human error (6 Apr 2022).

A cyber breach can lead to a significant revenue loss which is a common result. Studies show that 1/3 of businesses that face a data breach end up losing revenue. Of those that lost revenue, 2/5 experienced a loss of 20% or more. A loss of data records could lead to GDPR fines and a non-functional website, for example, may cause potential customers to explore other options. 

Interested in your company's human cyber risk score? A human cyber risk score assessment can identify which areas of your business possess a high level of human cyber vulnerability by segmenting reports into departments, job functions, seniority, and more.

  • Identify vulnerable business areas
  • Analyse departments, roles, and more
  • Learn where additional training is needed

The outcome of the human cyber risk score:

  • A Domain scan that will determine what similar domains have been registered, is an early sign for cyber criminals gearing up for a cyber-attack.
  • A Dark Web scan of active users will determine what information has been linked or compromised on the dark web.
  • Bespoke simulated phishing assessment created by CYBIONE’s cyber security consultant. This will help determine, test, and measure user awareness levels.

Identify what can be implemented to reduce your cyber risk.

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